The Hidden Challenges of Telling Separation-into-Foster-Care StoriesI

I just posted this new essay on the Rethinking Foster Care Blog (December 5, 2018). I thought I knew what the separation from families at the hands of child protective services meant—the many ways such separations cause trauma. But I keep finding new ways that I didn’t fully appreciate, and as advocates for parents, we need to recognize all of these harms.

The Connection Between Family Separations at the Border and Those Closer to Home

Today's new Reason.column by Lenore Skenazy's highlights "Cassie" case (my home page story and a wonderful family that should never have been separated). It also features our work on behalf of domestic violence victim Rochelle Vermeulen, and it draws the powerful connection between family separation at the border and family separations throughout the country carried out by child protective services.   

New Article in Washington Times Highlights Work to Stop State Harrassment of Families

The Washington Times today (June 6, 2018) has a terrific article focusing on our efforts to narrow neglect allegations and stop labeling reasonable parents as  child neglectors.  It talks about our efforts to change child welfare laws and practices. The article doesn't explain that it is mostly poor and minority families who get clobbered with amorphous neglect findings,  but these law and policy changes will help everyone, including the real victims of abuse.