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Diane is working hard to create a better, fairer child welfare system.  You can use this form to contact Diane. Diane gets three kinds of contacts through this contact system: 1. Requests for discounts on her book (20% off); 2. Requests for interviews by media or speaking events and 3. Requests for assistance on a particular case or project from lawyers or clients.

 If you are contacting Diane about your own personal case or project and you have a lawyer, please ask your lawyer to contact Diane on your behalf. If you do not have a lawyer and are seeking help from Diane, it is essential that you state where you live and where your case is pending or Diane will not be able to respond. Please be aware that (1) filling out this form does not create a lawyer-client relationship with Diane; (2) depending on the nature of your inquiry, Diane may not be able to reply; and (3) consulting fees may apply to requests for advice/consultation and/or direct representation and Diane will request further information about the matter before she can quote you a fee. To request that Diane start a consultation process, please complete this form and Diane will, in most cases, respond as soon as she is able. 

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