The child welfare system in America is broken.  Diane Redleaf is working to fix that.

A tireless child and family advocate for decades, Diane aims to change the system to protect children by defending their parents rights to raise them--and get support they need. 

In November 2017, Diane worked at the National Center on Housing and Child Welfare. She recently stepped down from that position, though she continues to work with Ruth White, its Executive Director on advocacy for federal policy changes and on advocacy training programs. In November 2018, Diane’s book was published and she has been speaking and writing about the topics in the book. She also has built her consulting practice, Family Defense Consulting, and works with the new Family Justice Resource Center as a volunteer in the position of the President of its Board of Directors). Diane is is the co-chair of United Family Advocates and she is working with Let Grow and other advocacy groups to advance policies and practices that protect families.