New commentary quotes me on implications of new addiction diagnosis:

Here's what I said in the February issue of Professor Dan Pollack's "Legal Notes" column  for Policy and Practice.   Diane Redleaf, legal director of the National Center on Housing and Child Welfare says: “Given the American Psychiatric Association doesn’t currently recognize this disorder (and may never do so), mandating any form of training that assumes the disorder’s validity may contribute to a proliferation of misplaced training programs, agendas of so-called experts promoting junk science, and inappropriate spending on treatment programs that have no measurable benefit. Moreover, there can be unintended consequences for the alleged sufferers of this disorder that have not yet been fully considered, such as having sentences for sexual offenders increased if they do not participate in counseling for this addiction and having child protective services start to label more parents at fault if they have forms of sexual conduct whose only ‘victim’ is the parent herself.”