These manuals and reports may have the answers you are looking for:

This is a manual Diane wrote for families in Illinois who are facing a child protection investigation.  The information ni the manual may not be applicable in other states but some of hte information is generic to any child protection investigation. If you need help with a child protection investigation, Diane can help you through Family Defense Consulting.  Fees for service may apply.  

If you have a pending hearing to challenge a decision to list you in the child abuse register in Illinois, this manual can help you. It is written for "pro se" clients who have administrative hearings seeking expungement from the child abuse register (SCR).  See also these appendices to this manual:    The Family Defense Center's intake system may also be available to assist you. Through Family Defense Consulting, Diane Redleaf can consult with clients on how they can handle their appeals, but she is not providing direct representation at hearings at this time. 

If you are an attorney, the Family Defense Center has another version of the manual for attorneys: and see also appendices to that manual: